[Slackbuilds-users] SquidGuard 1.4 vs. Squid 3.4 : patch for vanilla sources needed

Niki Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Sat May 2 06:29:16 UTC 2015


I'm using a combination of Squid and SquidGuard on my servers for web 
filtering, which is the "industrial grade" solution usable in schools 
and companies.

Up until recently, the combination worked well with Squid 3.3 and 
SquidGuard 1.4. Unfortunately, the upgrade to Squid 3.4 broke something, 
and SquidGuard doesn't work anymore.

I've googled a bit, and found out that SquidGuard 1.4 has to be patched 
in order to work with Squid >= 3.4.

Now I just spent some time hunting down that mysterious patch, but I 
failed, because all the patches are either distribution-specific 
(FreeBSD, Arch, etc.) and they don't work with vanilla sources, or the 
link to the original patch throws back a 404 error.

My guess is the SquidGuard application is quite badly maintained, 
judging from their homepage displaying a forest of patches and 
announcing a perpetual 1.5beta version for the last couple of years.

If anybody has an idea, that would be helpful.


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