[Slackbuilds-users] call for testing - mongodb

Miguel De Anda miguel at thedeanda.com
Wed May 6 14:54:26 UTC 2015

Ahh good point. I had full intentions of creating a separate SlackBuilds
for those tools and completely forgot. I was thinking of keeping them
separate as it'll make getting the sources easier - no need for repackaging
the vanilla sources.

On May 6, 2015 6:19 AM, "Christoph Willing" <chris.willing at iinet.net.au>

> On 04/14/2015 04:22 PM, Miguel De Anda wrote:
>> hi all,
>> i've modified the mongodb build script to actually build mongo from
>> source instead of just repackaging the binaries. if i can get a couple
>> of confirmed builds i'll submit the update.
> Firstly, its great to see Miguel's effort to change a SlackBuild from
> simply repackaging someone else's work to building it ourselves.
> Repackaging always looks like we're not able to build it ourselves, or
> couldn't be bothered ("slack" in the worst meaning of the word).
> After the last lot of updates which included the new "build from source"
> SlackBuild for mongodb, I ran the script but found that the contents of the
> new package's /usr/bin directory contained only some of the binaries that
> exist in the repackaged version i.e.
> mongo
> mongod
> mongoperf
> mongos
> mongosniff
> compared with:
> mongostat
> mongod
> mongofiles
> mongorestore
> mongo
> mongoperf
> bsondump
> mongooplog
> mongos
> mongodump
> mongotop
> mongoimport
> mongoexport
> After unsuccessfully trying various scons incantations in an attempt to
> produce the missing binaries, I eventually read the documentation. It
> seems, according to docs/building.md, that the "missing" pieces are now
> kept separately at https://github.com/mongodb/mongo-tools
> The question then is whether a separate mongo-tools SlackBuild should be
> made for them or whether building them could be added into the existing
> SlackBuild (since this is how the mongo people are preparing their own
> release packages - the ones we used to repackage)?
> chris
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