[Slackbuilds-users] FFmpeg update

Heinz Wiesinger pprkut at liwjatan.at
Thu May 28 17:52:36 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 26 May 2015 03:51:44 B Watson wrote:
> Another thing about building ffmpeg: it uses texi2html to generate the
> developer documentation, and chokes if it can't find it in the $PATH
> (usually because the user did plain 'su' instead of 'su -', or because
> the T series isn't installed). There's even extra code in there to check
> for texi2html... And I'd estimate 99% of people running the build script
> are never going to read the ffmpeg dev docs, because they're not writing
> code that uses ffmpeg (they just need it for transcoding movies, or as a
> dependency for something else).
> Forcing people to jump through hoops to build documentation they're
> never going to read is annoying

I've always considered this my tiny contribution towards educating users to do 
things properly. I realize it's annoying, but it's intentionally so and at 
this point is already far less confrontational than earlier versions used to 
be. I don't intend to make any more concessions, sorry.

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