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Fri May 29 15:58:45 UTC 2015

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On 05/29/2015 04:43 PM, PG Ouellette wrote: 
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> On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 10:47:13PM +0100, David Spencer wrote: 
>> Manual building is good for learning and experimenting, but it's 
>> never going to be reliable or convenient. 
> Interesting to know the numbers of users of tools such as sbopkg and 
> the like compared to those like myself who do it 'manually' from SBo. 
> I tend do do it manually, without slackbuilds... I only use them when a build fails, so I can get a patch or a hint. I don't know why, but for some reason 
> related to the tool chain, there seems to be more build failures lately, like in the past year or two. 
> But don't believe me, I may be crazy. Anyone else note this problem? 
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Like many others, I use my own solution for automating what I need 
automated. The most appealing thing about slackbuilds.org is its ability 
to be done manually or scripted, and both are equal. I will always 
favour the manual method, in terms of design. Let the scripters adapt to 
the manual method; otherwise we run the risk of forcing people to 
unravel scripts in order to do things manually, and I don't care for that. 

I have not noticed any kind of failure with the tool chain, but I 
suspect that this is because I use my own tool chain and perhaps you are 
speaking of specific ones? 


> unravel scripts in order to do things manually 

That's how I get my hints! :) 

Actually mine is not a Slackbuilds issue or even a Slackware issue, and for that I'll retract my 


Even though the GNU "configure and make" fails to keep up sometimes with both hardware and 

software detection, I cringe at the thought of using anything else. That's what I was on about. 


PG Ouellette 

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