[Slackbuilds-users] qwt update

Christoph Willing chris.willing at iinet.net.au
Sun Oct 4 12:46:44 UTC 2015

The version used in the SlackBuild for libraries/qwt is quite old 
(submitted Jan., 2009) and would be more useful if updated to the latest 
version (6.1.2 was released Dec., 2014). Over a week ago, I  contacted 
the maintainer listed in the info file over about an update but have 
received no reply.

Since I have a use for the up to date version of qwt, I'd like to take 
over maintenance of its SlackBuild. Provided no one has any objection or 
wants to maintain it themselves, I have an updated SlackBuild ready 
which I'll submit sometime in the next few days.

Two other SBo SlackBuilds depend on qwt. First is misc/zyGrib which I 
built and tested using the new qwt version. There appears to be no 
impact on the zyGrib SlackBuild when built with the updated qwt.

However for qgis, an additional SlackBuild for 'qwtpolar' will be 
required to replace the quite old private version of qwtpolar contained 
in the qgis source tarball (since it is incompatible with the up to date 
qwt). Fortunately qgis configuration facilitates the use of external 
qwtpolar (which I'll email the qgis maintainer about by separate email) 
and, to enable this to work, I've prepared a new SlackBuild for qwtpolar 
which I'll submit at the same time as the updated SlackBuild for qwt. 
I've built and tested qgis with the new qwt & qwtpolar combination and 
it all seems to work fine.

Any other thoughts about this?


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