[Slackbuilds-users] Updated abcde available...

andrew andrew.david.strong at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 00:50:26 UTC 2015

I am in the lucky position of being one of the abcde developers as
well as a Slackware user, hence this heads-up about the release of
abcde 2.7.1. I note that the version on SBo is still abcde 2.6.

The latest version has made a huge list of updates from 2.6,
highlights being:

 * Ability to use wine for some encoding
 * Ability to use FFmpeg for some encoding
 * Automated and semi-automated Album art downloading using glyr
 * Vastly expanded abilities with aac encoding
 * Ripping supported with libcdio
 * Support added for alac, tta, Monkey's Audio and others

and many, many bug fixes. It would be nice to see the latest version
on SBo :).

You think that's air you're breathing now?

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