[Slackbuilds-users] suggestion for READMEs

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Thu Oct 22 03:10:34 UTC 2015

> - Dropbox URLs actually *can* be downloaded directly, if ?dl=1 is added to
> the end. I tried 8 or 10 of these, and in all cases, wget was able to get
> the file... Though it saves it with the ?dl=1 as part of the filename,
> so the SlackBuild should be prepared to deal with that. Currently none
> of the dropbox.com links on SBo have ?dl=1 at the end (one of them even
> has ?dl=0).

I usually remove dl=1 since it works without it and it breaks the build since SlackBuild script failed to find the correct filename

> This affects these builds:
> academic/GeoGebra
> academic/smath-studio
> audio/xmms-wma
> desktop/awoken-icon-theme
> desktop/murrine-themes
> desktop/obshutdown
> desktop/openbox-simple-theme
> desktop/siva-flat-themes
> desktop/skippy-xd
> desktop/slack-wallpapers
> development/simulavr
> games/vcmi-resolutions
> graphics/rawstudio
> libraries/muParser
> multimedia/cueplayer
> multimedia/gpac
> multimedia/shotcut
> multimedia/tabu_audio_player
> network/fail2ban
> network/freerapid
> network/offlineimap
> system/zuluCrypt

Will check it later

> - Sourceforge URLs should never mention a specific mirror site,
> only "downloads.sourceforge.net" or "projectname.sourceforge.net"
> (I'm not actually sure which is better, myself). Links that include
> <sitename>.dl.sourceforge.net can and will break, when they stop being
> part of sourceforge's pool of mirrors.

I will wait for user report for that since there are a lot of SF mirrors out there and it's changing all the time

> This isn't theoretical, 3 of the SF mirrors (garr, hivelocity,
> softlayer-dal) listed in SBo download links are no longer resolvable,
> which breaks the download links for:
> academic/labplot2
> development/cppcms
> development/cppdb
> libraries/collada-dom
> network/wput

Will check it later as well

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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