[Slackbuilds-users] SBo source archive

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Wed Oct 28 20:04:20 UTC 2015

On 26/10/2015 19:34, B Watson wrote:
> There's a huge public archive of the sources linked to by SBo .info files:
> http://slackware.org.uk/sbosrcarch/

Much appreciated, thanks!

I checked that system/fbterm, for instance, be there -- and it is.

But that leads to a question, knowing that fbterm is archived on
code.google.com but has had no activity since five years and seems
abandonware but is still useful:

Would it be acceptable to consider sbosrcarch as the primary source and
link to it in the .info?

Of course moving it to GitHub is just a click away but IMO there is no
point doing that if not to really adopt it. Furthermore a quick search
on GitHub shows that many people already created a repository for fbterm
there, but stopped short of making further changes, so why add one more
or which one choose?

I ask for fbterm, but I assume that a lot of archives found in Google
Code are in a similar situation thus could also be moved to your
archive. As we say "même faute, même punition".


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