[Slackbuilds-users] shorewall-core update

Greg' Ar Tourter artourter at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 12:20:16 UTC 2015


This has been on my todo list but I was away for the weekend so postponed
it to things to do this week instead.

Just to clarify, the first fix does not apply to slackware as we do not
have upstart, and shorewall-init is currently not packaged (I have not been
using it but have been thinking about bringing it in at some point as it
may be useful)

While we are talking about shorewall, the new version 5 will be out at some
point. However, it seems that a lot has changed in the way it works and is
configured. Therefore I was thinking of leaving shorewall 4 for slackware
14.1 and update to version 5 for the next stable release (and maybe bring
shorewall-init then). Does that sound acceptable? Or would people would
prefer to use it as soon as it is out?



On 20 September 2015 at 17:41, Citizen X <citizen.anon.x at gmail.com> wrote:

> Downloaded the slackbuild, checked build version
> against available versions.
> Newer version
> Listed corrections
> http://baltimore.shorewall.net/pub/4.6/shorewall-4.6.13/known_problems.txt
> 1)  On systems running Upstart, shorewall-init cannot reliably secure
>     the firewall before interfaces are brought up.
> 2)  When one or more chain names are given in a 'reset' command, the
>     command fails.
>     Corrected in Shorewall
> 3)  The Tinc macro and tinc entries in the tunnels file only enable the
>     UDP data connection; they do not enable the TCP meta-connection.
>     Corrected in Shorewall
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