[Slackbuilds-users] Unable to build qt5 5.5.0

Christopher Culver crculver at christopherculver.com
Wed Sep 30 13:18:03 UTC 2015

When I attempt to build qt5 5.5.0 from the SBo Slackbuild, the build
fails at the make install stage with the error:

can't read /media/BUILD/sbotmp//package-qt5/usr/lib64/pkgconfig/Qt5WebKit.pc: No
such file or directory

Now, I am invoking qt5 as root as follows:

TMP=/media/BUILD/ ./qt5.SlackBuild

because I don’t have so much space in /tmp/ and prefer to use another
drive for Slackbuilds, but I don’t think that is the problem here
– all other SBo Slackbuilds compile fine.

What could be the cause of this error?

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