[Slackbuilds-users] RFC: more variables

Klaatu klaatu at member.fsf.org
Sun Aug 14 05:29:05 UTC 2016

It seems like the 14.2 rush has slowed down a little, so I want to take
an opportunity to propose a change to the SBo templates. This probably
would have better been timed BEFORE 14.2 was released, but it didn't
occur to me until I was rebuilding some systems to update everything to 14.2

My idea:

We use variables at the head of the SlackBuild scripts for things like
program name, version number, arch, and so on. I think it would be nice
to also variable-ize these values:

Doc path (DOCDIR)
Man path (MANDIR)
Info path (INFODIR)

Benefits: A SlackBuild can be quickly and reliably modified by targeting
these variables either through env setting or with sed. Currently the
destination of these values is hardcoded in the lower half of a
SlackBuild file (when moving docemention, or gzipping man pages).

Cost/Drawbacks: None? A rotential drawback is a sense of obligation to
change current build scripts to conform to new template, but I'm
proposing more a shift in habit than a complete immediate overhaul.

What do other people think? Does this sound reasonable, even helpful?


- Klaatu

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