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Thomas Szteliga ts at websafe.pl
Sat Aug 27 23:34:11 UTC 2016

On 27.08.2016 09:39, B Watson wrote:
> On 8/26/16, Thomas Szteliga <ts at websafe.pl> wrote:
>> they should be placed in:
>> 	/usr/lib/KeePass-${VERSION}/
>> And we can't really determine the version of Keepass
>> a user has installed in an extension SlackBuild, can we?
> Never used KeePass, but to play the devil's advocate...
> Why not? There's surely a way for a shell script to determine the version
> number. Maybe by running 'KeePass --version' or similar, or maybe even
> by just looking for the existence of /usr/lib/KeePass-* and using cut
> or whatever to get the version number. Not saying that's a great idea,
> but it's at least possible...

Sure, in a SlackBuild that's possible, but in a packaged binary
not really. I'm not saying that's not possible, but how should
we then name the plugin packages?

keepasshttp-for-keepass-2.30.... ?

and what about automated upgrades? This is why I think that's
not the best way.

> Whether or not that's a good idea partly depends on whether compiled
> plugins are compatible from one KeePass version to another. If they are,
> then your idea sounds like the best answer. If they aren't, then the
> user's going to have to upgrade every plugin after upgrading KeePass
> anyway, and if it's like e.g. perl or older versions of irssi, trying
> to load an old/incompatible compiled module might cause the whole thing
> to segfault...
> Not being a KeePass user I can't answer that (looks like KeePass
> is written in C# and built with mono, so I don't know enough to even
> guess), but it's something you might want to investigate before making
> any final decisions.

Plugins for Keepass2 should be compatible with all 2.x versions.
Plugins don't need to be compiled, they come mostly in the form
of a plgx file:

"PLGX is an optional plugin file format for KeePass ≥ 2.09. Instead of
compiling your plugin to a DLL assembly, the plugin source code files
can be packed into a PLGX file and KeePass will compile the plugin
itself when loading it. The advantage of this approach is that plugins
don't need to be recompiled by the plugin developers for each KeePass
release anymore (as KeePass compiles the plugin itself, the generated
plugin assembly references the current, correct KeePass assembly).
Instead of shipping a plugin DLL assembly, you ship the PLGX."

Plugin example: https://github.com/pfn/keepasshttp

In the readme for keepasshttp you can find:

"Non-Windows / Manual Windows installation

  1. Download KeePassHttp
  2. Copy it into the KeePass directory
      + default directory in Ubuntu14.04: /usr/lib/keepass2/
      + default directory in Arch: /usr/share/keepass"

Thomas Szteliga

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