[Slackbuilds-users] Problem building qt5 on 14.2

flupi at mclink.it flupi at mclink.it
Sun Aug 28 15:21:10 UTC 2016

Il 28/08/2016 16:47, Willy Sudiarto Raharjo ha scritto:
>>    unixODBC
> I am not sure whether it can be the culprit or not, but you should read
> NOTE: This package conflict with libiodbc in Slackware. Make sure to
> reinstall libiodbc if you remove this package.
> you might want to reinstall libiodbc and try if it solved your problem
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I will try what you suggest.  In the meantime I have extracted and 
attached the test snippets from the gcc bugzilla.

On my 64 bit system both trigger the internal compiler error. The first 
line of the files contains the compiler command line.

Both compile fine on a Kubuntu 16.04 (gcc 5.4.0) on the same PC 
(swapping the hard disk.)

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/* g++ -c -fPIC -mpreferred-stack-boundary=5 -mincoming-stack-boundary=4 tracesig.ii */
struct {
  char msgdata[][8];
} __thread *mythread;
char *fn1() { return mythread->msgdata[1]; }

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