[Slackbuilds-users] recordmydesktop

David Spencer baildon.research at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 3 11:24:26 UTC 2016

>> SBo provides a SlackBuild script for recordmydesktop. This software is
>> already present in Slackware's [extra] repository.
> Thanks
> it slipped through our radar
> It's removed in my branch along with DEP update in other packages
> requiring recordmydesktop.

But flashplayer-plugin and fltk are in extra/ ... and jdk :)

It's really easy to forget about extra/ -- there should be a note in
README if we are going to remove recordmydesktop (and fltk).

Maybe we should keep flashplayer-plugin, because it needs to be
updated regularly. And we should keep jdk, because we would need to
explain where to find it, and what the difference is between jre and
jdk, etc etc


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