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Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at slackbuilds.org
Sat Dec 3 15:12:52 UTC 2016

>>> But flashplayer-plugin and fltk are in extra/ ... and jdk :)
>>> It's really easy to forget about extra/ -- there should be a note in
>>> README if we are going to remove recordmydesktop (and fltk).
>>> Maybe we should keep flashplayer-plugin, because it needs to be
>>> updated regularly. And we should keep jdk, because we would need to
>>> explain where to find it, and what the difference is between jre and
>>> jdk, etc etc
>> About dependencies...
>> The guidelines say that REQUIRES "should not contain anything that is
>> part of Slackware itself."
>> So, strictly speaking the packages in extra/ being part of Slackware
>> should not be mentioned in the .info file.
>> But probably many users (including myself) assume that if they did a
>> "full" installation they already have all they need to build the new
>> package, but what REQUIRES and the README mention.
>> That's how I read the answer #23 of the FAQ and maybe I am not alone.
>> So I suggest that the packages in extra/ be listed in the README, as
>> dependencies and/or as "needed but available in extra/", case occurring.
>> And in that case it wouldn't hurt to mention them in the REQUIRES field
>> of the .info for the benefit of tools like sqg.
> I seem to recall we talked about this already in the past and we
> concluded that the stuff in /extra, as not being part of a Slackware
> full installation, should be handled better here, especially if a
> dependency of something else in our repository: the cases of jdk and
> fltk, that David already cited, depict clearly the situation.

There's still time to revert the changes in my branch before next public
update (next weekend). I agree with Ponce and David that things in extra
should be handled here since it's not part of the default installation
(which is what we assume and expect from users building packages from SBo).

I will move the changes to a separate branch for now until we have a
consensus on handling packages that already available in extra/

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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