[Slackbuilds-users] Gstreamer 0.10.x vs. Gstreamer 1.x

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Mon Dec 12 16:25:57 UTC 2016

Le 12/12/2016 à 16:14, Nicolas Kovacs a écrit :
> In Slackware 14.1 and 14.2, which applications make use of Gstreamer
> 0.10.x, and which of Gstreamer 1.x?

You could do something like that for instance:
wget http://slackware.uk/salix/x86_64/slackware-14.2/PACKAGES.TXT
grep -B5 gstreamer0 PACKAGES.TXT |grep NAME # for gstreamer0
grep -B5 gstreamer, PACKAGES.TXT |grep NAME # for gstreamer

Sans garantie du gouvernement.


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