[Slackbuilds-users] Maintainable texlive texmf-tree

Franzen slackbuilds at schoepfer.info
Mon Feb 22 22:53:15 UTC 2016


maybe i better should post this on LQ, just tell me.
As it seems that texlive will never be a stock slackware-package mostly  
because of its size, i wrote a script that should help maintaining a 
smaller texmf-tree.
The approach is similar to the texlive-netinstaller, but the script has 
the advantage in the ability to add/exclude single tex-packages, not 
only schemes and collections, output is a tar.xz.
Schemes/collections/packages may be mixed in the ADD/EXCLUDE variables 
inside the script.
By using the excludes, it should be possible e.g. to provide a small 
base-texlive-slackware-package with some additional tex-packages, and a 
further big(tetex?-scheme minus base-tex-packages) 
Might this be of any use for the texlive-maintainers on this list?
Feedback is welcome, thanks.



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