[Slackbuilds-users] [Slackbuild users] Postfix and dovecot with PostgreSQL

Eugen Wissner belka at caraus.de
Mon Jul 4 06:10:15 UTC 2016


one question to Postfix maintainer, Mario Preksavec: Can you please add
optional PostgreSQL support to the build script? I'm using postfix and
dovecot with postgresql and it would be nice to have an option to
enable it without editing the script each time. I'm attaching a patch
for postfix.

Something similar would be nice for dovecot aswell. Dovecot just
requires --with-pgsql option to be built with PostgreSQL support.
I thought about a variable:


and then pass it to configure

or like postfix:

case "$DATABASE" in
       sqlite) DBARGS="--with-sqlite" ;;
       mysql)  DBARGS="--with-mysql" ;;
       pgsql)  DBARGS="--with-pgsql" ;;

I could send a patch for that aswell.

By the way: there is a postfix and dovecot updates. postfix 3.0.5 and
3.1.1 work just fine with the existing script and just a version bump;
dovecot 2.2.25 not tested yet, but shouldn't be a problem (will test it
next days).

What do you think?

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