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414N 414N at slacky.it
Tue Jul 5 11:35:50 UTC 2016

I had some issues in compiling the last stable versions of clementine
because of (I think) a compiler incompatibility, meaning that there
seems to be something in the code that is not entirely ok with gcc >= 5.

Alan Alberghini

SBo clone: GitHub <https://github.com/414n/slackbuilds.org>

On 05/07/2016 11:04, Andrzej Telszewski wrote:
> On 05/07/16 10:59, David Woodfall wrote:
>>> On 03/07/16 03:50, David Woodfall wrote:
>>>> Hello all
>>>> I no longer use Clementine, so would someone like to take over
>>>> maintainership?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> -Dave
>>> I might take it, should there be no one more knowing, willing to take
>>> it. I don't have too much experience with cmake, but I guess it'll be
>>> more about version bumps rather than anything else.
>>> -- 
>>> Best regards,
>>> Andrzej Telszewski
>> Feel free. Cmake isn't too hard to learn. There are sometimes options
>> to find which you can usually do by untarring the source, running
>> 'ccmake .' and following the menu.
> OK, I'll take it.

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