[Slackbuilds-users] RFC: nvidia-driver organization

King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 06:44:13 UTC 2016


The nvidia-driver has become a horrible mess to maintain.  Nvidia is
moving to GLVND and Vulcan, and several libs, binaries have moved to
F/OSS, and Nvidia keeps adding/renaming some libs.  These changes, along
with compat32 support (not supported in SBo but it's a fan favorite),
are making it confusing to generate a consistently bug-free script.  I'm
thinking of splitting it up into multiple scripts:

nvidia-kernel will remain the same.

1.  nvidia-utils:
-Contains all the open source binaries.
-Scripts ts similar to nvidia-switch to backup and restore Mesa and
X.Org components that Nvidia overwrites, as well as dealing with

2. nvidia-driver:
A much simpler script that just assumes a pure x86_32 or x86_64

3. COMPAT32 provided either via Alien Bob's multilib convertpkg-compat32
or my own script in nvidia-utils

4. Finally, instead of all the "install' lines in the SlackBuild script,
leverage the nvidia-installer or the NVIDIA-*.run to perform the install
into /tmp/SBo... for subsequent packaging. This will have the advantage
of making the nvidia-driver.SlacBuild less brittle for simple version
bumps.  The disadvantage is that this will break a few things the script
now does.

I know a many who simply run the NVIDIA-*.run and are happy.  For those
on this list who run my scripts, what say you? Also, let me know (off
list) if you are willing to assist in thrashing your system for testing.
 I have just the one GTX600 system atm, so testing other GPUs and
desktops will be nice.


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