[Slackbuilds-users] gst-plugins-bad dependency listing vs. libdvdnav

Nicolas Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Sun Jul 10 07:56:44 UTC 2016


Here's what the gst-plugins-bad page says about dependencies:

This optionally depends on amrnb, amrwb, libass, libcdaudio, celt,
libdc1394, libdca, libdvdnav, faac, faad2, flite, fluidsynth, gsm,
libkate, liblrdf, libmodplug, libmimic, libmusicbrainz, libofa,
libquicktime, libwebp, lv2, musepack-tools, OpenAL, opencv, soundtouch,
swfdec, xvidcore, rtmpdump, schroedinger, TiMidity++, and xvidcore.

You can safely remove libdvdnav from this list, as it's been included in
Slackware 14.2.


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