[Slackbuilds-users] Building Gnote: problem with Boost headers

Nicolas Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Tue Jul 19 13:36:55 UTC 2016

Le 18/07/2016 à 15:33, David Spencer a écrit :
> Looking at the dependencies that Arch uses, there seems to be a good
> chance that newer versions of gnote will build on 14.2.  Just use the
> latest commit from the relevant branch and make sure that m4/boost.m4
> is new enough.

Unfortunately newer versions of Gnote are unusable under Xfce, since the
panel icon does not appear and all preferences are greyed out. It looks
like the whole GNOME stuff is only meant to run under GNOME, so I guess
I'll just use a different application instead of pulling my hair out
trying to make that thing work.

BTW, tried to replace boost.m4 in version 0.8.4. ./configure went OK,
but it wouldn't build. And later versions are unusable.



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