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Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Tue Jul 26 00:59:28 UTC 2016

On Mon, 25 Jul 2016 04:14:23 -0700
Panagiotis Nikolaou <hostmaster at slackonly.com> wrote:

> I have find some wrong md5sum's (with wget as
> download manager) in the following packages:

Ones not mentioned here are verified locally and fixed 
in my branch.  However, there are some comments below
about others...

> academic/wmcalc
> md5sum is  f6b432b81d06a9cb538255ca0adcf03e
> instead of ab62320662b38475a6882844266ad032

This is insane.

Download with wget:
13dfb83473b4fe5683375f537aba5fe0  c2f0ad2882b89c5c33dfb8331c1f05ca284e7c36.tar.gz

Download with browser:
a6c5367acd477d433372a59af3d61ed3  dockapps-c2f0ad2.tar.gz

Download with lftpget:
a30fda4c3b6bb65a00a6dae9170fc3aa  c2f0ad2882b89c5c33dfb8331c1f05ca284e7c36.tar.gz

Screw this. It can stay broken or someone else can do 
something with it.

> graphics/photivo 
> md5sum is  394bae7dcad8ea1850d90be4a15f58a4
> instead of fd072f91a459878e00ee378d4e3ae5bd

93251e54f214d439ea719b582d31847a  66a8c1082d88e6fb8e6ade73f373d28a6ac09721.tar.gz
1806e82de35501ba4b6ce8623ce85928  66a8c1082d88e6fb8e6ade73f373d28a6ac09721.tar.gz
438e8052328b33570a6e226731cccb19  /home/rworkman/Desktop/photivo-66a8c1082d88.tar.gz

Screw this one too.

> network/clipgrab
> md5sum is  ff99bdb5b145b27f5e751567286e79af
> instead of 9e524fbae65fbfe31920884ab9912632

This one is updated in willysr's branch.

> office/moneydance
> (32bit)
> md5sum is  71d0489c70b47372e097c80dd324d7ee
> instead of f730b6649412854a936e86930f4238eb
> (64bit)
> md5sum is  2a5bda3adf1531df02023a4bfe81d51b
> instead of 2ef0edce4d23d43f89deb2110c5f6f1f

I'll look into a potential version update on this.

> system/CNS11643-font
> md5sum is  887bd9420f54a59e659edf063d1d7dbe
> instead of 70639516aa66b61e10f640f07436183b

Fixed, but I can't help but think that this really needs to
be updated with respect to version. If the maintainer does
not do this before the next time this md5sum is invalid, I'll
be more likely to remove it from the repo rather than update
the md5sum.

> development/smartsvn
> Have updated to 9.1.2 and the old source is missing

Maintainer will need to update this (CC'd)


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