[Slackbuilds-users] cairo version

Bryan Harris bryanlharris at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 00:32:27 UTC 2016

Hello folks,

I believe I've got myself into another confusing spot.  While looking to
install virt-manager, I arrive at the page for gtk-vnc, which explains that
I need cairo 1.12.16 to work properly.

The cairo that comes with Slackware 14.1 is 1.12.14, so I looked on SBo for
a newer version.  However, I don't see it on SBo.

I recalled seeing that in the /slackware64-current folder I could see
updated things for 14.2 (I think).  So I decided to look in there.  But I
see only cairo 1.12.6 (what seems even older strangely).


Can anybody tell me where I can get the SBo script or package for cairo
1.12.14?  Or what I'm doing wrong in this case?

Thanks in advance.

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