[Slackbuilds-users] Mutagen and Quodlibet SlackBuilds

Edinaldo edps.mundognu at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 19:19:48 UTC 2016

The SlackBuild "quodlibet" is a long time without updating, this is fact,  
actually in a 2.4.1 version on SlackBuilds.

In new versions, e.g., 3.6.2, some things are necessary for the correct  
compilation of program. Among them, this requires the version 1.32 of  
SlackBuild "mutagen" whose link and MD5 hash are:

MD5SUM = "349b987d26dbf15f64919f80c060eb14"

Regarding SlackBuild "quodlibet" you must modify the file quodlibet.info  
in REQUIRES line to the following:

REQUIRES = "gst-plugins-bad gst-python gst-plugins-ugly mutagen"

And add the following in the README file:

Optional dependencies: feedparser, musicbrainzngs.

Given the above, i would become the maintainer of SlackBuild "quodlibet"  
if possible (and if no objections).

Follow the SlackBuild attached which was tested on a clean install of  
Slackware -current with branch "master" instead of 14.1.
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