[Slackbuilds-users] qt5 5.5.1 fails to build with multiple jobs

David Spencer baildon.research at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 15 16:51:19 UTC 2016

> For your information, to build qt5 without qtwebengine:
> - add "-skip qtwebengine" to ./configure
> - comment out sed -i 's|-Wl,--whole-archive.*-Wl,--no-whole-archive||'
> $PKG/usr/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}/pkgconfig/Qt5WebEngineCore.pc

That's the easy part.

The difficult part is to find which other packages will fail if
qtwebengine is not built, and how to fix them.

If we can't do that quickly and easily, then it might be easier to fix


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