[Slackbuilds-users] i3wm and others

Marcin Herda mherda at slackword.net
Sat Mar 26 10:45:19 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Unfortunately, being more and more busy with work and other projects, I 
have less and less time on maintaining i3-related SlackBuilds. It's 
still a wm of my choice but think someone else will give it more love 
that I'm able to at the moment.

All five should ideally be taken by 1 person as all of them are needed 
by i3wm.

Those two are unrelated to i3wm but feel free to grab them as well:

dwb (a webkit based browser)

On a related note, this might be of interest for a person who will take 
over i3. I have recently received this email:



This is a heads up about a categorized application menu that I wrote for
i3 - it simulates the functionality of an Openbox / Fluxbox style menu
without requiring the dependencies.

Currently I'm packaging it for manjaro (that's how I got introduced to
i3), but it's just a few files, and it includes a Makefile, so it should
be easy to install on different distributions, including slackware.

I figured that since you were listed as the i3 maintainer for
slackbuilds, you might be interested, and you might have suggestions
where to let people know about the package.


Thank you.


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