[Slackbuilds-users] 14.2RC2 Update/fixes for nvidia 361.42

David Spencer baildon.research at googlemail.com
Sun May 1 16:39:11 UTC 2016

> using this as example TAG (or VERSION) has a value before the
> SlackBuild is run but the package has a name using a different TAG (or
> VERSION) at the end...
> taking in account this my vote is to avoid completely altering the
> variables values inside of the SlackBuild.
> Matteo
> P.S. while I was writing this it has come to mind that ffmpeg does
> this for the ARCH field and, as for my experience, seems to be safe...

Well... packages that build kernel modules add the kernel version onto
$VERSION (e.g. nvidia_kernel), also some packages add the locale name
onto $VERSION (e.g. libreoffice-langpack)

ffmpeg with $ARCH_custom breaks slackpkg+, I'd be happy to see'
_custom' removed, but ffmpeg was using '_custom' for years before
slackpkg+ was invented .... it's Heinz's decision, however I seem to
remember that the reason for _custom is not so important any more?

Sorry to make this unneccessarily difficult :-/

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