[Slackbuilds-users] DOWNLOAD advice for github

Philip Lacroix slackph at posteo.de
Mon May 16 14:51:46 UTC 2016

Am 14.05.2016 18:35 schrieb David Spencer:
> So, here's the new advice: Heinz has worked out that if we use (for 
> example)
> DOWNLOAD="https://github.com/trizen/clyrics/archive/0.04/clyrics-0.04.tar.gz"
> then the archive will *always* be named clyrics-0.04.tar.gz, even if
> we use wget or curl, and so we can just do the usual tar command in
> the SlackBuild


It might be worth to mention that this works also with commit-specific 
(useful when there are no actual releases). For example:


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