[Slackbuilds-users] Syncthing - new v0.13.0 for testing

Sebastian Arcus s.arcus at open-t.co.uk
Thu May 19 12:42:23 UTC 2016

Please find attached update version of SBo scripts for Syncthing - for 
testing, and if all looks good, inclusion in the new 14.2 repositories. 
I have done quite a few modifications to the previous version:

1. I've rewritten rc.syncthing to start syncthing under its own user and 
group, not as root - as per the developer's recommendation and previous 
discussions on this group.
2. I've used uid and gid 307 - already added to the SBo UID/GID list 
since last year, after my posts on this list.
3. I've re-factored the slack-desk and README files, with further 
details about the software and some installation notes.
4. I've added a logrotate script to be used if Syncthing is started as 
system daemon, with logging enabled.
5. I've modified syncthing.SlackBuild to check for the existence of the 
syncthing user/group, and create appropriate log and lib dirs.
6. Obviously, the version has been bumped to v0.13.0.

I've tried to follow the SBo docs and advice, and used similar packages 
as example - but as it is my fist submission and the changes have been 
quite extensive, I would appreciate any testing and feedback.
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