[Slackbuilds-users] fakeroot, po4a

Christoph Willing chris.willing at iinet.net.au
Wed Nov 2 00:03:30 UTC 2016

On 02/11/16 09:45, Andrzej Telszewski wrote:
> Hi,
> Would it make much hassle if I updated fakeroot SlackBuild and made po4a
> optional?
> Then the user would actually have to pass MANPO=yes to include the
> additional docs.
> What I mean is to make the SlackBuild automated tools friendly, e.g.
> _slackrepo_ has no way to disable building of what is in REQUIRES.
I don't use it (fakeroot) so I have no skin in this particular change.

However, in general, my preference is to include whatever documentation 
is available in the source code we're building from. Any individual user 
may never refer to the documentation but for those expecting a man page 
(or whatever), it should be available if provided by upstream.

Having a  option in the SlackBuild solves the dilemma of whether to 
include it or not but I think the option should default to yes (not no 
as the suggestion above implies).


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