[Slackbuilds-users] ffmpeg without _custom

King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 17:13:44 UTC 2016

On 11/02/2016 10:47 AM, Andrzej Telszewski wrote:
> Hi,
> As of now, ffmpeg is built with _custom ARCH, so it's meant for the
> machine it was built on.
> But I noticed that Alien's ffmpeg
> [http://www.slackware.com/~alien/slackbuilds/ffmpeg/] can be built and
> installed on different machines.
> Could we have something like that in SBo?
> And possibly, if there are some switches/deps that make the package
> built-machine dependent, only then would we add _custom tag?

IIRC, this was discussed on this list ages ago.  It wasn't to prevent
execution on another computer - since only "uname -m" is tested - but
for the possibility of (runtime?) compile options not the default of

Anyway, this was to fix a problem that maybe isn't a problem anymore?


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