[Slackbuilds-users] Best place to install the EasyRSA scripts?

Sebastian Arcus s.arcus at open-t.co.uk
Fri Nov 4 11:02:17 UTC 2016

I am making the SBo scripts for EasyRSA, and I need to decide where they 
will be installed. Before they were removed from Slackware - when they 
were part of Openvpn, I think they used to go under 
/usr/share/doc/openvpn. However, it seems a bit strange to install a 
package in the directory of another package. Maybe 
/usr/share/doc/easyrsa instead? However, they are sample scripts - not 
really documentation. According to Linux filesystem standards, would 
there be a better place? Maybe /usr/share directly, or /us/lib or something?

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