[Slackbuilds-users] Suggestion: monospace font for README

Thomas Szteliga ts at websafe.pl
Sun Nov 6 20:53:59 UTC 2016

On 11/06/2016 09:47 PM, B Watson wrote:
> On 11/6/16, Erik Hanson <erik at slackbuilds.org> wrote:
>> I've made the change. Not sure what I think about it. Instantly I can
>> see some README files are not word wrapped properly:
>> https://slackbuilds.org/repository/14.2/multimedia/ExMplayer/
> Yuck.
> I was about to comment that un-word-wrapped READMEs violate the
> guidelines, but went & looked first... and there's nothing in there
> about word-wrapping or max line length in the README.
> Maybe there should be?

Definitely. Max line length should be mandatory.

> <urchlay at monolith:~/sbogit>$ find . -name README | wc -l
> 6124
> <urchlay at monolith:~/sbogit>$ find . -name README | xargs egrep -l
> '^.{81,}$'|wc -l
> 288
> Affects 5% of the builds. Shouldn't be too much work to fix, I'm willing
> to spend some time on it if you want. In theory, every maintainer should
> fix his own READMEs, but this is a cosmetic-only change, might be OK to
> just do it?
> Some of them are formatted OK, except they have URLs that are too
> long. Not much can be done about that.

That's IMHO why Markdown would be the best solution for README files.

Thomas Szteliga

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