[Slackbuilds-users] what is the preferred build and test environment

King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 23:37:17 UTC 2016

On 09/08/2016 02:00 PM, Tim Dickson wrote:
> Hi everyone, I use sbopkg for building packages, but for my own
> slackbuilds I need to test them on both 32bit and 64bit slackware.
> Ideally, they would be clean installs, with just the dependencies
> required for the build to be tested. I would like to do this with
> minimum of fuss, and wondered what you guys (and gals) did ??
> Up till now, I have used 2 separate test machines, or one machine with
> two slackware installations on different partitions, but I haven't
> managed a clean starting state for each slackbuild. I have somewhat
> limited internet data allowance, so don't want to re-download the sbo
> tree for every slackbuild when building dependencies. I made limited use
> of qemu on windows to run some slackware vm's a while ago, but prefer
> solely using linux for testing.
> any simple examples or a howto or wiki would be appreciated, and
> probably useful to all slackbuild creators.
> Thanks, Tim
> PS. some builds are for graphical programs that use opengl, I don't know
> if that affects the choice of environment or not.

I use qemu (since I am the maintainer!) to create clean Slackware
environments.  I set up a file share for both onto a SBo git clone on
the host (which actually point to a NFS on a separate server..).  I
create a base image, then a work-in-progress copy-on-write image.

I create a script with a zenity "GUI" to maintain the BASE and WIP
images with all command line option.  If you are interested you can look
at the scripts here (item #6):

Have Fun!

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