[Slackbuilds-users] sbosubmit: SlackBuilds.org command line submission tool

Andrzej Telszewski atelszewski at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 13:43:09 UTC 2016


I have written command line submission tool for SlackBuilds.org
Before going public, I would like to ask you to give it a try and report 
back any problems you might find.
As of now, I consider the tool to be feature complete (more options will 
come one day), so please report back only possible errors rather than 
features requests.

Source code together with SlackBuild for it can be found here (once 
tested, it will get removed):

For the moment, the tool does not send anything to slackbuilds.org, 
unless --address=sbo switch is passed. This is meant for beta testing 
and to prevent flooding of SBo maintainers with broken submissions. The 
testing addresses are:

The address of interest is 
http://telszewski.net/testing/sbosubmit/pending/ , where you can see 
your upload exactly as it would be sent to slackbuilds.org. Please note 
that the uploads are overwritten if the archives with the same name are 

Once any possible errors are resolved, the tool will default to 
SlackBuilds.org server.
I have already tested the tool with multiple submissions to the 
SlackBuilds.org and haven't noticed any problems.

If you want to send the archive to the real slackbuilds.org server, pass 
the --address=sbo switch. After passing beta tests, the address will be 
fixed to slackbuilds.org by default and the --address= switch will allow 
to specify alternative address, for example for testing purposes.

The source code contains man page, please refer to it for details. Below 
is an excerpt from it:
"sbosubmit is a tool to facilitate uploading of SlackBuilds to 
SlackBuilds.org. It does it by performing checks of the files to be 
submitted, packaging them and then uploading the resulting tarball to 
the SlackBuilds.org server for later approval.

Using traditional methods, when you want to submit a SlackBuild, you 
have to perform at least the following steps:
- very often you have to cleanup the SlackBuild directory from files 
used during development stage,
- create the archive of the files to be submitted,
- open web browser,
- attach the archive,
- fill in all the submission details,
- press the submit button,
- very often delete the created archive.

sbosubmit allows you to perform all these steps (and a bit more) by 
typing a single command from within the SlackBuild directory."

sbosubmit requires curl and libarchive to be already installed.
Also, for HTML parsing, links or lynx is required.

I hope you'll find the thing useful.

Best regards,
Andrzej Telszewski

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