[Slackbuilds-users] New server for SlackBuilds.org

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu Apr 27 02:19:33 UTC 2017

SlackBuilds.org users,

It's apparently time to again do something that I don't like doing.

The server that hosts our website and rsync, well basically all of
the things except DNS, mail, and mailing lists, as well as the
slackwiki.com site, is showing its age.  You might have noticed
some temporary downtime over the last couple of weeks due to httpd
getting overloaded. The datacenter hosting us, onyxlight.net, is
going to provide us with a new Dell R610 server with dual six-core
processors and a fair amount of RAM. However, we have to buy our
own drives and we'd like to add some more RAM to it [1].

They (onyxlight) can get us six 900GB 10k RPM SAS drives for a
little over $200 each with a one year warranty, and we can put
about 48GB of RAM in there for another $360. With tax/shipping,
we need about $1700.

As I said before, I hate asking the community for money - that's why
we've never had a donation button or anything along those lines; I'd
rather wait and put out the beggar's bowl when we don't have a choice.
Well, here it is.

I created a paypal account for the project, and both erik and I
(the project founders) will have access to it. Once we get enough
for this current expense, I'll post an update here and we'll look
at creating some sort of "contributors" page on the site to give
much-deserved accolades to everyone who helps out. Any extra funds
above what we need will be used wisely, but we've not really
figured out what to do with them - we really don't have any ongoing
expenses (onyxlight is awesome, ya'll, in case you haven't gathered
that much already). We'd like to do something for Pat, of course.
Ultimately, I hope we've earned enough of your trust over the years
to know that we'll use whatever we get in a manner of which you will
approve; if not, then the best advice I can give is to not donate.

If I've not scared you off yet, you can donate by going here:



[1] In case you're curious, we're planning to compartmentalize
    most services into virtual machines; essentially, each of
    the network-facing services will be in its own VM such that
    just in case there's a breach in one part, it's less likely
    to affect other parts. There's also the benefit of an easier
    upgrade path for various parts - if a particular service
    can benefit from (or requires) a newer release of Slackware,
    we can spin up a new VM, get it working there, and then
    migrate over all at once with minimal downtime. At the very
    least, it sounds like a good plan :-)

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