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klaatu at mixedsignals.ml klaatu at mixedsignals.ml
Sat Apr 29 02:39:26 UTC 2017


Can you contact me off-list about this? I tried emailing you directly, 
but my email keeps getting rejected as spam.

klaatu at member.fsf.org



On 2017-04-27 14:19, Robby Workman wrote:
> SlackBuilds.org users,
> It's apparently time to again do something that I don't like doing.
> The server that hosts our website and rsync, well basically all of
> the things except DNS, mail, and mailing lists, as well as the
> slackwiki.com site, is showing its age.  You might have noticed
> some temporary downtime over the last couple of weeks due to httpd
> getting overloaded. The datacenter hosting us, onyxlight.net, is
> going to provide us with a new Dell R610 server with dual six-core
> processors and a fair amount of RAM. However, we have to buy our
> own drives and we'd like to add some more RAM to it [1].
> They (onyxlight) can get us six 900GB 10k RPM SAS drives for a
> little over $200 each with a one year warranty, and we can put
> about 48GB of RAM in there for another $360. With tax/shipping,
> we need about $1700.
> As I said before, I hate asking the community for money - that's why
> we've never had a donation button or anything along those lines; I'd
> rather wait and put out the beggar's bowl when we don't have a choice.
> Well, here it is.
> I created a paypal account for the project, and both erik and I
> (the project founders) will have access to it. Once we get enough
> for this current expense, I'll post an update here and we'll look
> at creating some sort of "contributors" page on the site to give
> much-deserved accolades to everyone who helps out. Any extra funds
> above what we need will be used wisely, but we've not really
> figured out what to do with them - we really don't have any ongoing
> expenses (onyxlight is awesome, ya'll, in case you haven't gathered
> that much already). We'd like to do something for Pat, of course.
> Ultimately, I hope we've earned enough of your trust over the years
> to know that we'll use whatever we get in a manner of which you will
> approve; if not, then the best advice I can give is to not donate.
> If I've not scared you off yet, you can donate by going here:
> https://paypal.me/SBoDevel
> -RW
> [1] In case you're curious, we're planning to compartmentalize
>     most services into virtual machines; essentially, each of
>     the network-facing services will be in its own VM such that
>     just in case there's a breach in one part, it's less likely
>     to affect other parts. There's also the benefit of an easier
>     upgrade path for various parts - if a particular service
>     can benefit from (or requires) a newer release of Slackware,
>     we can spin up a new VM, get it working there, and then
>     migrate over all at once with minimal downtime. At the very
>     least, it sounds like a good plan :-)
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