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On 02/11/2017 09:31 PM, Willy Sudiarto Raharjo wrote:
>> Neither of those answered the question he was asking. Does "a full
>> install" mean "an unpatched system, exactly as released, just after
>> being installed from DVD", or does it mean "a full install, with the
>> latest patches from Pat's patches/ dir"?
>> I've always assumed the latter: scripts are expected to work on a fully
>> patched system, and it's a bug if they don't. Doing it the other way,
>> expecting everyone to keep an unpatched system, would be insane (who
>> doesn't apply at least security patches to their OS?)
>> In most cases, the difference is no difference (Pat's very good at
>> keeping patches from breaking things). But in the rare case where it
>> does matter, if a build maintainer has to make a choice (script has
>> to be broken on one or the other), the system with the latest patches
>> should be the primary targer.
>> But, to the original poster: That's just my opinion, I don't speak for the
>> SBo team. I'm wrong all the time, so don't take it as a definitive answer.
> fully patched, but yeah, Pat RARELY introduce a change on stable
> releases except when it's already few years old, so that's good thing.
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Thanks very much Mr. Watson you did interpret my question as intended.
I also run a full installation of Slackware with PV's patches
I had a problem building the most recent Libreoffice.Slackbuild on my
patched system, but it did build on a fresh installation on a qemu
virtual machine without the patches. That is what brought the question
to mind. However my system may not be perfect with regards to  other
software (ie non-SBo). I just wanted to establish the same starting
point as the maintainer. Now I can try to track down the problem with my
system or the slackbuild.
Thanks again for your kind reply

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