[Slackbuilds-users] github wget source file ERROR 404: Not Found.

David Spencer baildon.research at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 26 22:52:35 UTC 2017

> Or the *.info file (and SlackBuild) can use the GitHub-provided
> version-only name, which is what I personally do in, e.g.,
> elixir.SlackBuild.  The resulting folder after extracting the tarball
> ends up with a more "correct" name, so the only thing really affected
> is the name of the source archive, and the rest of the SlackBuild can
> proceed as if nothing was different.
> I've tested this to work at the very least with sbopkg.  Not sure about
> other SBo-wrapping scripts.

This *doesn't* work for people who download manually with a browser
from the SlackBuilds.org webpages, or with anything else that honours
content disposition, so whenever I see a SlackBuild doing that, I fix
it :p

Furthermore, if you use the long-format Github download, the SBo
template Just Works.


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