[Slackbuilds-users] Descriptive list of packages

Daniel Prosser dpross1100 at msn.com
Sun Jun 25 16:45:02 UTC 2017

If you have mirrored the repo locally you can just use find and grep, ie:

find $REPO_ROOT -maxdepth 3 -mindepth 3 -name "README" | xargs grep -i searchterm

I think some of the SBO package management tools might also have a function built in to search in READMEs. sboui (which I wrote) has it at least.


On Jun 25, 2017 9:21 AM, Rich Shepard <rshepard at appl-ecosys.com> wrote:

   Is there a list of packages with the descriptive contents of their README
files? It would be useful to know what's available since it's difficult to
look for a tool without knowing its name. Has anyone tried extracting this
from the repository?

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