[Slackbuilds-users] Flowblade

klaatu at mixedsignals.ml klaatu at mixedsignals.ml
Tue May 2 17:39:04 UTC 2017

Hi Habs,

I can update FlowBlade, but if your build is going well, it's probably 
just as good as whatever I'll post. You can start editing with what 
you've got.

I don't personally like to rush into updates on stable software. I'll do 
some testing of the latest FlowBlade and update the build assuming 
nothing crashes and burns horribly.

I'd love to hear other maintainer's input about checksums from github. 
To my knowledge, there are none from Github upstream unless the 
developer goes out of their way to post them somewhere. For SBo, I just 
generate an md5sum based on what I've downloaded and put that into 
.info. Not great, I know, but at least it's a fingerprint.


On 2017-05-03 04:08, General wrote:
> FAO Maintainer (cc'd slackbuilds-users)  Klaatu
> Flowblade is several releases on now (1.12 ?). With respect to the 
> effort
> involved, I was wondering if 'we' might be seeing an update to the 
> latest
> version soon please?
> I've had a go a running the build script against 1.10 and it seemed to 
> go
> ok, but I'm never too sure ;-)
> Which leads me to another [general] question:  when getting a source of
> Github (of which I am not too familiar) , what happens in terms of 
> process
> that leads to the md5sum's on the slackbuilds.org..... I could not see 
> any
> published [by the developers] any checksums etc ?
> Keep up the good work everyone. It does not get said enough probably, 
> but
> the time and effort that contributors and maintainers etc put in to 
> this
> SlackBuilds project (and quality open source in general) is most
> appreciated. Thank you.
> Habs

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