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Panagiotis Nikolaou hostmaster at slackonly.com
Wed May 3 02:41:41 UTC 2017

> I know I'm not the maintainer, but Terminator 1.91 is still a pre-release candidate and they are asking people to use it and look for bugs.

Are you have more details about that?

Did you check the follow links? 

>From the Changelog:
(Regression release. Did it work in gtk2? Not working for gtk3? Hopefully
they'll all be fixed here.) Few of them is:

enable the use of the hyper key as a modifier in shortcuts;
updated the preferences window to a modern version of glade. This should result in better spacing, layout etc.;
add the gruvbox light/dark palettes as themes;
add subtrees to custom commands menu - just add '/' to split;
fix the background transparency, also allowing per theme CSS fixes and styling tweaks;
fix the regression of the initial scrollbar state not being;
fix the middle mouse button not getting passed to tmux;
fix oversized splitter bar hover area for Adwaita and any other theme that does this;
fix the logger plugin;
fix system fonts to pull values from dconf, not gconf;
fix focus/z-order issue introduced by GTK3 port;

> If you want, I have a SlackBuild for 1.91 in my GitHub repo that was just fixed from Alan's script.
> Please note that psutil and vte3 are now dependencies.
> https://github.com/Skaendo/slackbuilds
> _______________________________________________

I'm already running Terminator 1.91 (From SlackBuilds) without vte3
and I didn't found any problem until now.

The changes from the original SlackBuild are only these:



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