[Slackbuilds-users] Tracking version releases

Tim Dickson dickson.tim at googlemail.com
Fri May 12 15:14:05 UTC 2017

I have my own script to keep track of projects I maintain sbuilds for 
(or other stuff).
It consists of a config file containing name,version,updated 
flag,browser,url for each project
and the main script has a big case statement, where I add one-liner 
subscripts for each project's web page to detect the version number. eg.
NEWVER=`cat $TMPDLFILE|grep "title=\"stable\""|head -n1|awk -F">" 
'{print $2}'|awk -F"<" '{print $1}'`
extracts the version from libpaper's project page (which has been 
downloaded to $TMPDLFILE )

I extract the results generating an html report which shows on my 
desktop to notify me when a project has been updated (or my detection no 
longer seems to work).
having said that, repology.org is really useful as you can search by 
"maintainter", and list all the projects which it thinks are out of date.
regards, Tim

On 12/05/2017 06:15, Christoph Willing wrote:
> Hi all,
> I don't have a huge number of SlackBuilds to maintain but enough that
> its easy to lose track of upstream development and know when new
> versions have been released. Occasionally I do a find of .info files
> containing my name in the SBo file tree and go to each of the relevant
> websites looking for new releases. Sometimes a user sends me email about
> an update. Some repos can send email notifications, some have RSS feeds
> etc., but there doesn't seem to be a consistent mechanism for this sort
> of thing. There has to be a better way, so does anyone already have a
> better way to keep track before I write something to do it?
> Well, before waiting for a reply to that question, I already started
> writing a tool of my own to do that. It's not quite complete but close
> enough - my 6 SlackBuild updates this week were all due to prompting
> while developing/testing/documenting the thing.
> The new tool can currently deal with projects at github, sourceforge,
> pypi & libreoffice. It's been written to enable new  repo modules to be
> added fairly easily. My real question is whether anyone knows of other
> repositories that should be included (and preferably have some sort of
> API available for access), so that modules for them can be added?
> I guess you should still let me know if this has already been done
> before I spend too much more time on it.
> BTW its at:
>      https://github.com/cwilling/pvc
> Thanks for any tips, comments,
> chris
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