[Slackbuilds-users] HEADS UP - server maintenance 20170514 0553 UTC

Robby Workman robby at rlworkman.net
Sun May 14 05:53:42 UTC 2017

Just a heads-up: things may get a bit wonky with the website
for a bit (but hopefully not). We've got the new git server
ready to go, but mapping the existing cgit/ URLs to it has 
proven to be a bit tricky (although in hindsight, not really
so tricky based on limited testing here). 

The git service will be temporarily unavailable as well.

Long story short, don't trust anything to be either permanent 
or up-to-date for the next little while.  

However, if the testing goes as I hope, we'll do an official
switchover for some of our infrastructure tonight.

I'll reply to this mail when we have a conclusion either way.


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