[Slackbuilds-users] questions for my larn SlackBuild update, game security, SlackBuild licensing

David Melik dchmelik at gmail.com
Mon May 22 06:18:25 UTC 2017

     I maintain the larn (and some other) roguelike game package and 
recently submitted a new version I accidentally uploaded an old 
revision, so must redo (actually I do have a working version, but there 
are more issues now.) However, I switched from an unofficial port ( 
https://github.com/Nebula-Mechanica/larn-linux/ ) to the official source 
code ( https://github.com/atsb/RL_M .)
     The unofficial version has a poorly-installed wrapper script (they 
don't link it to /usr/games/larn... the user just has to find and run 
larn.sh, not larn binary, though they can do that too) which I no longer 
use, so we may no longer need the larn-fixups.patch someone on SBo team 
wrote and added, or it will be different, in ways I don't know yet. The 
official code doesn't even 'make install,' and has a data directory, but 
no wrapper script linked to in /usr/games to go from there to that 
     I wrote my own wrapper script (maybe not that great either) for the 
official code, but it seems the earlier, unofficial one uses some 
environment variables that may make things easier.
     So, could some people more experienced with make, wrapper scripts, 
running & patching games with all these environment variables, etc., 
take a look at the unofficial and/or official, and my new version, and 
suggest what to do next for a wrapper and/or update larn-fixups.patch 
(if even needed now)? My new version is 
http://davidchmelik.com/homepage/math/slackbuilds/games/larn.tar.gz , 
which builds & runs fine for me, and if anyone at SBo is willing to any 
of that with my new update, for an official update in SBo, that's fine 
with me (just preferably let me know so I download any changes.)
     I'm just not sure what to do changing from the unofficial to 
official version, both of which seem to have some advantages and 
disadvantages I'm not used to dealing with.
     Also, should I set gid:uid games:games in all my game configure 
scripts (and maybe similar for graphics/academic/library software) for 
     Also, what do people think of that guy who submits scripts to SBo 
(meikamp?) but says that, with the addition of GPL not having to be 
included, their scripts are (optionally) under GPL? Then they're 
shorter, but I'm not sure it really works with GPL, though I'd probably 
prefer to do it this way.


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