[Slackbuilds-users] templates and guidelines

Philip Lacroix slackph at posteo.de
Wed May 31 11:36:48 UTC 2017

Am 29.05.2017 19:28 schrieb Petar Petrov:
> How about guidelines about package file install locations? (...)
> for example:
> - when is it advisable to install things to /opt

Am 30.05.2017 18:56 schrieb B Watson:
> Guidelines about file locations: I'd say you should only use /opt when
> your build is for something that might conflict with stock Slackware
> packages. Example, mozjpeg installs libraries and binaries with the 
> same
> names as stuff from Slack's libjpeg-turbo package.

Hi everybody

Interesting topic. As far as I can see, there can be at least another 
reason for
using /opt, i.e. when the software installs by default into a single 
and does not offer any reasonable way to set different paths where the 
should go to. With "reasonable" I mean something like running configure 
or patching makefiles.

When the code itself has to be patched in order to comply with the FHS, 
can start to look intricate IMHO.

For example, in my updated SlackBuild for zyGrib I have managed to make 
it FHS-
compliant, and apparently I didn't brake anything, but the software 
wasn't designed with that in mind: by default one has to "cd" into a 
directory containing everything, and run the executable from there in 
order to
make it work properly (because of relative paths inside the code). The 
even creates and installs a simple startup script to work around that.

I wonder if for more complex software, like sage, using /opt might be 
the only
viable (although not elegant) option? The same for some binary relases, 
as in
the blender SlackBuild.


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