[Slackbuilds-users] saga including vigra fails

Benjamin Trigona-Harany slackbuilds at jaxartes.net
Sun Nov 5 00:14:10 UTC 2017

On Saturday, November 4, 2017 10:37:17 AM PDT Frédéric Falsetti wrote:
> Hi,
> build_saga-gis_log :
> .../
> /usr/include/c++/5.3.0/bits/c++0x_warning.h:32:2: erreur: #error This file
> requires compiler and library support for the ISO C++ 2011 standard. This
> support is currently experimental, and must be enabled with the -std=c++11
> or -std=gnu++11 compiler options.

Seems like there is a known issue with compiling SAGA with vigra (not the 
exact issue, but see https://sourceforge.net/p/saga-gis/bugs/244/). Since this 
is an optional dependency that isn't expected by this SlackBuild, I will put a 
note in the README that it is currently not compatible.

Thanks for the report!

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