[Slackbuilds-users] sbopkg update issues

Benjamin Trigona-Harany slackbuilds at jaxartes.net
Fri Nov 10 17:44:35 UTC 2017

On 2017-11-10 09:06 AM, Rich Shepard wrote:
>    I just created a new local copy of the repository and am running sbopkg.
> Several packages report different md5sums; proj4 and google-earth are two
> that I recall. There also seem to be other issues with the downloads as the
> scripts attempt to update packages. Please suggest what I should check to
> find the reason for these errors.

 From gis/google-earth/README:

    Therefore, this script is subject to failing (and a different MD5SUM)
    at any time due to the fact that you might get a newer version
    of GoogleEarth than what the script is designed to use. Please notify
    the maintainer if this is the case.

The md5sums in gis/proj do not appear incorrect to me and sbopkg does 
not report any inconsistencies when I run the script.


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