[Slackbuilds-users] Maintaining perl-Text-CSV_XS

Eric Pratt eric.b.pratt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 02:50:46 UTC 2017

The "​perl-Text-CSV_XS" package is about 4 years outdated.  I need a couple
of features added in later versions.  I emailed the maintainer but his
address is no longer valid:

​> ** Address not found **
> Your message wasn't delivered to falu0_0 at fastmail.fm because the address
couldn't be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.
> The response from the remote server was:
> 550 5.1.1 <falu0_0 at fastmail.fm>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown
in virtual mailbox table
Does he still actively maintain slackbuilds under another address?  If not,
​I can take over as maintainer of this package unless someone else wants

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